Cat Street Gang Scarf Cat Collar



Cat Street Gang Scarf Cat Collar

Switch the scarf easily to suit your mood

Brand: Sneaky Whiskers

Brand Profile:

Sneaky Collars is designed in Singapore and handsewn with love. Each fabric and safety buckle is specially hand-picked with great care to ensure ultimate comfort, safety and with a pinch of stylishness for your little one.


Cat Street Gang Scarf Cat Collar
  • $21.90

Product Details



  • Hand-picked fabric for comfort
  • Safety buckle for safe breakaways
  • Adjustable collar around 20cm to 30cm
  • Removable bell




Care Instructions

Remember to leave a gap of at least 2 fingers to make sure the collar is not too tight for your cat. Wash with warm soapy when needed before drying thoroughly after each wash.


Delivery: 7-14 working days