Luncheon Meat Can - Stool / Low Table



Luncheon Meat Can - Stool / Low Table

Now the enlarged canned food stool can be opened and stored stuff! They are still able to use it as a low table, stool, and even have a new storage function! Purchase multiple enlarged canned food and stacked them up in your living area to make it look as though you are living in a giant’s kitchen top and amaze your guests with this idea and design! Are you craving for your very own favorite canned food? This is definitely one of the Canned Food series that you should add on to the quirkiness and liveliness of your home! Check out the video here.

Brand: The Outliers


Luncheon Meat Can - Stool / Low Table
  • $259.00

Product Details


Dimensions: DIA33 x H23.5cm

Material: Plywood, Printed Sticker Wrap, PVC, Random Colours For Inner Storage


Care Instructions

Due to the natural wood on the side, avoid knocking and staining the side. Suitable for indoor use only. Use a soft, lint-free cloth for regular dust removal.


Delivery: 2-3 Weeks