Agami Dalmatian Cup



Agami Dalmatian Cup


Brand: Agami Studio

Wow, this is a cup to speak about! The golden dalmatian cup is one of our favourites! Its playful pattern of golden and black dots boost our mood immediately.

This cup is made by the Agami studio (Russia) that professionally crafts their tableware for cafes and restaurants. And there is always a queue of those who want to get their ceramic piece. These guys are in demand! It doesn’t surprise us as the items are always perfectly made, stunning and are in limited edition.

This golden dalmatian cup has the best size for coffee. The volume is 200 ml. The wine glass shape keeps the warmth of the drink and the thick walls protect your fingers from overheat.

All cups are hand glazed and there are no identical items. The shapes and sizes are the same.


Agami Dalmatian Cup
  • $37.00

Product Details


Dimensions: DIA8 x H8cm

Material: Ceramic

Volume: 200ml

Care Instructions

Wash with warm, soapy water before first use.


Delivery: 2-3 days