Tilt Stationery Set

Brand: ACRE

Every workplace has its share of tense and stressful moments – some more than others, but the rigours of a desk job don’t mean that there isn’t space for little bursts of joy as they come.

Tilt was designed to introduce subtle liveliness to normally straight-laced work environments. We played with the idea of sensible office equipment by introducing hidden elements of dynamism to seemingly rigid objects without sacrificing their functionality.

Brand Profile:

Founded in 2011, we are a Singaporean multi-disciplinary design office that believes in functional aesthetics. ACRE is fuelled by the joy we find in creating things when our office hours end —and when our work transforms into explorative play. 


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Product Details
Dimensions L30cm × B10cm × H13.3cm
Material Polyresin Cup and Base in White or Gray/ Aluminium Tray in copper finish
Additional Features Designed & Produced in Singapore
SKU 709TS01