Go Capsule - Stone Forest

Brand: Green Banana

The Go Capsule Collection: The products are organic living plants therefore the arrangement is unique for each pot. Each terrarium tells some story behind with add-on figurines and other accessories. They are closed terrarium with an anti-condensation solution. 

Brand Profile:

Green Banana expresses a passion towards nature. A passion for greenery, an enthusiasm for small unique plants. Urbanites tend to be pre-occupied with work and other matters in life - all the while ignoring the greatest gift from Mother Nature. 

Important Information:

- Delivers in 1 to 2 Weeks (Why?)

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Product Details
Dimensions D13cm x H22cm
SKU 804GC03
Care Instructions
Handling The carrier will come with basic maintenance instructions. They are suitable for indoor environment & air-conditioned room. Try to stay away from hot sun and over dark corner. Each kit will come with a misting spray and a watering pipette.