Fairy Lights (3x10m)


3x 10 metre of lustrous copper wire, each nesting 100 tiny tear drop shaped LED bulbs casting a warm glow, like stars in the dark of night. See your space in a different light with the rosy glow of Midnight Sparks’ fairy lights.

Comes with three separate in-line remotes, that have:

• 5 adjustable modes for bulb flickering frequency

• 6 adjustable modes for bulb brightness


Brand Profile:

When I was a little girl riding in the back of my mother's car, I had always dreamed of bottling all the glittering stars in a big glass jar. I would imagine how the stars would quietly tango amongst themselves, casting a warm enchanting glow. How the walls and ceiling become a canvas for endless gazing against the dark of night. What a lovely sight to end each day.

Fast forward to today, the inner child in me wants to revive the good old dream of mine. Midnight Sparks was born with the intention to bring a good dose of sparkles into our lives. We are delighted to curate a series of luxury quality fairy lights with a modern twist.

Important Information:

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Product Details
Dimensions 3x 10m long. Comes with 3 separate in-line remotes & one AC adapter
Material Copper Wire & LED Bulbs
SKU 755FL03
Care Instructions
Handling Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals and household cleaners as these might damage the fairy lights.
Others AC/DC-powered. Safe to touch. LED bulbs continue to light up even if one bulb fuses. Copper lights are water-resistant.