Felt Balls Rug (Skittles)


Handmade with love in Nepal, these rugs are made of thousands of individually stitched felt balls, using pure New Zealand wool. These one-of-a-kind rugs don’t only look beautiful, they help better the lives of women in Nepal by providing them with much needed income. The rugs are available in round and rectangular shapes, and in an extensive palette of colours one can choose from. Add a dash of colour to your home with the Skittles colour palette - where the colours used are as aplenty and random as the candy it is named after!

Brand Profile:

A for-profit social enterprise, All Things Felt aims to bring the beauty and age-old traditions of the hills of Nepal right to your doorstep through its gorgeous felt products, that are crafted by women artisans who have been practicing the art for years. In doing so, they help generate an income for these women, and also spread the magic of their products.

Important Information:

- Delivers in 5-7 weeks

- Customised dimensions and colours available


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Product Details
Dimensions DIA80cm, DIA100cm, DIA120cm, DIA150cm, DIA200cm, L80cm x W80cm, L150cm x W90cm, L200cm x W100cm, L250cm x W150cm, L230cm x W160cm
Material 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
SKU 212FB02
Care Instructions
Others Shake and vacuum your rug on a regular basis to keep it dirt- and dust-free, using the suction spout instead of the cleaning brush as the bristles of the brush may damage the felt. You may see fine particles of dust under the rug, this is merely the soap silt from the felting process and will go away once the rug has been in use for a while. Should you spill something on your rug, do use a cloth soaked in soapy water to dab (don’t rub) quickly until the liquid is absorbed. As with all handmade rugs, felt ball rugs are not 100% colourfast. That said, in the event of a stain, you can engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner—all you have to do is ensure that only low pressure water is used to prevent colour dilution as our felt rugs are naturally dyed.