Brand: The Rug Maker

The Rabbit Hole is a conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Usually, venturing into the Rabbit Hole is an analogy of one leaving the comfort zone and entering a portal into a magical and whimsical world. It is often referred to the story, Alice in Wonderland. Choosing to go into the Rabbit Hole expecting surprises and the changes is the story of our collection.

Brand Profile:

The Rug Maker is a local company that specialises in bespoke carpets & rugs, bringing to clients quality rugs specially tailored to their needs. Combining their extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of rugs and in the interior furnishings industry with local artists and designers, they also carry their own range of exclusive rugs that embody the essence of Singapore in them.

Important Information:

- Delivers in 6-8 weeks

- Customised dimensions and colours available


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Product Details
Dimensions L150cm x W210cm L160cm x W230cm, L200cm x W300cm
Material 85% Acrylic + 15% Viscose