The Oomph - Spill-Proof Bean Bag Chair

Brand: doob®

Bean bags are meant to be formless; the less the structure, the more comfy they're supposed to be. That's a pickle, because shapely things look nicer. So we've racked our brains and come up with the oomph. We've weaved this bean bag with a more couch-like form so there's just one one way to use it. But hey it stays in that shape, which makes this doob prettier than the rest of its siblings while still having the unmistakeable give of a doob bean bag that any doob-loving butt knows. pool!*

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Product Details
Dimensions Large: L100cm x D80cm x H90cm | Medium: L90cm x D70cm x H70cm
Material Outer cover: Polyester with PU undercoat (water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash) Inner bag: Polyester – Cotton Others: YKK Zippers; Child-proof zip for inner bag
Colour Candy Pink | Carribean Blue | Apple Green | Mandarin Orange | Barley Beige | Ash Grey
Net Weight 7.6kg
SKU 102DB04
Care Instructions
Handling Wipe with wet cloth