Wa Ko Kueh

Brand: Nom Nom Plush

Let us jog your memory! What do you call these pasar malam “cupcakes”?

Huat Kueh? No! They are actually called Wa Ko Kueh. Not convinced? Ask gramps and you’ll see him beaming in agreement!

Here’s a tip: coat the soft, fluffy cakes with orange “putu mayam” sugar then stuff your face! We love it this way so you should try it too! Just for you, we recreated these munchies in 2 pretty colours, Candy and Mint!

Still waiting? Grab both today!

Brand Profile:

Nom Nom Plush is created by 3 good friends who love food, fun and all things cute.

Based in Singapore, we hope to bring you high-quality plush toys inspired by local delicacies. 

We know you share our love for food and we understand your woe of unwanted calories. So, Nom Nom Plush is the best alternative to satisfy your food fix!

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Product Details
Dimensions -
Material Stuffed with Polypropylene Cotton, finished with Soft Velboa on the outside
SKU 152WK01