New Edge Coffee Cup

Brand: oh!eaf

The simple style of the coffee cup set is handmade and hand-painted. The playful design of the saucer looks like a folded napkin cloth, which can be used as a snack/dessert plate as well. A set comes with a coffee cup, a saucer, and a stirrer.


Brand Profile:

oh!eaf collaborated with different young ceramic designers who are humbly devoting themselves to learn and create unique ceramic products in their own studio. All the ceramic pieces are handmade and have been through extremely high-temperature firing process in the kiln. We play emphasis on both inheritance and innovation, thus, you can find the traditional ceramic making skills with novel and contemporary design concept in our collections. We want to add a bit of happiness into your daily life with those beautiful handmade ceramic products.


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Product Details
Dimensions (Cup Size) DIA8cm x H6cm/ (Saucer Size) 12cm x12cm
Additional Features Please do take note that due to the hand-designed, unique nature of the pieces we create, the pictures are showing in the website may slightly vary from the real product.
SKU 250NE01