Made To Order

The production lead time for all our furniture is usually 7 to 10 weeks unless otherwise stated. 

The reason for this is that our furniture are made to order. The downside to this model is that it takes a little longer compared to buying something ‘off the shelf’. However, we believe that furniture, being a long-term investment, is something that needs to be personalised due to different space requirements. 


No two homes are the same. 

The construction of living spaces differs across the different types of housing projects and the neighbourhood where you reside. For example, a 5-room BTO in Punggol has a different configuration and interior dimensions than a 5-room BTO in Woodlands. As such, our supply chain model is developed out of personalisation as opposed to mass-market supply which does not offer the same flexibility in terms of customisation as well as costs.


By customising furniture to be proportionate to your space, you are able to maximise your PSF (Per square foot) area and ensure that no space is wasted. You have total control over the length and size as well as the finishing.


It has been a common practice in the market that any customisation needs to your furniture will incur astronomical rates. The reason for this is that the furniture are mass-manufactured to standard sizes and any changes to the dimensions will affect the production line at the factory which in turn will influence the price points. 

At etch&bolts, we have our own master craftsmen and experienced carpenters that are assigned to specifically meet this need. By leveraging on group orders, we are able to apportionate the cost based on bulk orders instead of a flat fee per product unit which significantly reduce the customisation costs. 

 Grouping Orders

The economics of supply chain dictates that the more you order, the lower the price. At the same time, factories will hardly entertain one-off orders as it’s not economically viable for them. 

This is where we come in. At etch&bolts, we leverage on the ‘power of we’ to combine the purchasing power of customers with the same buying intent to influence price dynamics and to meet the minimum order quantity set by most factories. 

Every 14 days, we will group all orders in a single production order to be sent to the factory. Combine this with our contractual agreement with the factories themselves, we are able to have a price point that is significantly lower than traditional designer retail stores but at equal material and quality. 

Lead times are estimated on past experience and current commitments from suppliers. However due to factors beyond our control such as backorders, general production or freight delays and/or adverse weather or strikes, we cannot and do not guarantee lead times. Orders may not be cancelled nor deposits refunded due to late lead times and/or delivery.