Crushed Mini Table Planter

Brand: Triple Eyelid

Made from used plastic cups from cafe and coffee machine capsules. The plastic cup is such a constant supply of waste from our everyday life that the triple eyelid team tries to make something useful from these trustworthy beverage holder. Use it as an indoor planter or simply a rustic interior decor.

Made from crushing plastic cups as moulds. Every planter is unique to its natural formed crushed pattern.

Brand Profile:

Triple Eyelid comprises a team of dedicated young designers, working hard into the research and development of environmentally sustainable design.
Triple Eyelid believes in reducing waste through design. Each product is carefully made in house in their humble little studio workshop in Singapore. Triple Eyelid aims to find usefulness out of discarded materials to reduce material wastage one product at a time.

Important Information:

- Delivers in 2 to 3 Weeks (Why?)

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Product Details
Dimensions L6cm x D6cm x H8cm
Material Concrete
SKU 502CM01
Care Instructions
Handling As concrete is by nature slightly flaky, use a soft cloth to dust it when necessary. Do note that due to the weather conditions, the concrete may expand and contract accordingly and cracks may appear which would not affect the usage of the lamp. Each lamp is fragile, do not drop or throw.