Mr Geometric


Our geometric lamp has been inspired by beautiful sharp geometric edges and is designed to be a bedside night light for young couples. With a pineapple-looking shape, Mr Geometric can be picked up using one hand and oriented as necessary. It has a beautiful steel cap at the end to protect the fabric wire and is a hit amongst many! Mr Geometric is also designed with the lady in mind, with the nice light pink fabric wire that has so much character.

Every concrete piece is different due to variations during the molding and casting process. Pictures used are for visualization only. Our lamps are also checked for structural imperfections and small chips/cracks might be present.

Brand Profile:

ConcreteEverything was founded in a tiny room in October 2014 by Alvin & his beautiful wife, Vanessa. Trained as an industrial designer, Alvin's love for DIY concepts evolved into the birth of creative homemade ideas, ranging from wedding photos, furniture, jewelry and lighting. Their journey to explore their passion led to the creation of ConcreteEverything, a humble business that creates beautiful bespoke concrete lamp pieces.
ConcreteEverything aims to craft unique pieces that explore the beauty and the raw nature of concrete. Using it as a building block for their collections, every bespoke piece that we bring to you is always different and made just for you from a simple fashion accessory to a standing lamp in your home.

Important Information:

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Product Details
Dimensions D6cm-7cm (short - long diameter) x L11.5cm
Material Grey Matt Concrete, E27 Electrical bulb holder, 1.5m fabric wire with Dimmer, 2-pin plug head
Bulb Requires 220V-240V, E27 vintage edison bulb (Straighty)
SKU 806MG01
Care Instructions
Handling The concrete surface will take time to settle and a chalky layer might be present. Use a soft cloth/brush to clean. Please note to screw in bulb fully prior to switching ON, otherwise there might be a short circuit. Please refrain from striking the concrete as it is fragile.