Keno Stool

Brand: etch&bolts

There is beauty to be found in the natural world, and the Keno stool is a medium through which we seek to present that beauty in an unadulterated form.

In a raw, yet refined manner, Keno brings a (literal) piece of nature into any interior, and helps to break up the 'coldness' that contemporary interiors tend to give off.

Important Information:

- Installation & Free Assembly
- Due to the nature of the material used, every piece will be unique - appearance and texture may vary between individual pieces.
- Natural features like knots and cracks may be present in some pieces, and should not be considered defects.
Delivers in 5 to 7 Weeks (Why?)


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Product Details
Dimensions L50cm x W40cm x H45cm
Material Solid Teak Tree Stump
Care Instructions
Handling Wipe with damp cloth.
Buyer's Assurance
Warranty Warranted against defects and wear under normal condition for 1 year.