Canned Food Clock: Pork Luncheon Meat

Brand: TheOutliers

Now we have Canned Food Clock, you will be opening the clock like a real sealed canned food! And you can place your favorite Canned Food Clock anywhere you want, on the table, in the kitchen or even on your fridge’s door. There are magnets underneath the clock for you to attach onto your fridge’s door! Or you can even surprise your friends with this real canned clock.

Are you craving for your very own favorite canned food? This is definitely one of the Canned Food series that you should add on to the quirkiness and liveliness of your home! Check out the video here.

Brand Profile:

We are the Outliers, not conforming to the norms when it comes to ideas and the makings, we are a group of people who like to separate ourselves from the creativity and creation in our very own light. The Outliers are what we call the contemporaries quirky bunch.

We like things that are simple, clean, quirky and fun all at the same time. By collaborating with people from all walks of life, we hope to breath new life into the designs or products that we come up with and share them with the rest of the world.

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Product Details
Dimensions DIA9cm x H5cm
Material Aluminium and Plastic
SKU 143CC03
Care Instructions
Handling Indoor use only. Wipe stains with moist cloth.