Blue Notebook


You can now hug your old school exercise books all day and night long! Bringing you memories of your schooling days! It might be a nightmare for some of us, but that’s also when we have our simple happiness.

Brand Profile:

WHENIWASFOUR is very much of a 'living' design studio and brand in the small town of Singapore. We create products with a nostalgic touch. Appreciating everyday life's quintessences and imperfections, we want to emphasise simplicity in our creations. We have been learning from the littlest thing in life to get inspiration, exploring details with no boundaries.

Through WHENIWASFOUR, we hope to play a part of the demographic that enjoys 'slow living', simple happiness.

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Product Details
Dimensions 45cm x 45cm
Material Premium thick cotton linen, Hidden zip
Filling Cover only
SKU 308BN01
Care Instructions
Handling Machine washable at gentle cycle