Bunny Copper Piping Chair

Brand: Triple Eyelid

The Bunny Copper Piping Chair is an IKEA-hack chair that has an industrial appeal with a mixture of cute and cheeky reference to the animal. Users can carry the chair simply by grabbing the copper piping rabbit ear, just like a magician pulling a bunny out of his hat.

Brand Profile:

Triple Eyelid comprises a team of dedicated young designers, working hard into the research and development of environmentally sustainable design.
Triple Eyelid believes in reducing waste through design. Each product is carefully made in house in their humble little studio workshop in Singapore. Triple Eyelid aims to find usefulness out of discarded materials to reduce material wastage one product at a time.

Important Information:

- Installation & Free Assembly
- Delivers in 2 to 3 Weeks (Why?)

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Product Details
Dimensions L35cm x D35cm x H45cm (Seat), H60cm (Total Height)
Material Copper Pipes, Brass Join
SKU 502BC01