The Ultimate Customisation Guide for Sofa and Furniture

The Ultimate Customisation Guide for Sofa and Furniture by etch&bolts

Coping with tight living spaces, irregular layout or narrow walking spaces? Here’s the perfect solution to your woes, CUSTOMISATION!






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How to customise your sofa? What can you customise? These are some questions that you may ask.

Here are the sofa customisation services that etch&bolts provides:

  • Dimensions
  • Seating Comfort
  • Colour
  • Material


Even after visiting many furniture shops, you still can’t get a sofa that fits into your space, fret no more! We can customise the length of your preferred sofa to ANY length that you want, just to fit into that space.

Grady Bench

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What’s more awesome! If you’re thinking of getting an L-shaped sofa but it just wouldn’t fit. You can customise an ottoman or bench of any length, height width to go with it. Especially, if you want to use it as a foot rest or to have more seating space when you invite guest over.

Seating Comfort

Some of you may ask, what is seating comfort? Seating comfort refers to the comfort level of your seating cushions. Our favourite is definitely the premium seating, some customers feedback to us that they actually sleep on the sofa (No fluff intended). Ultimately, comfort is a very subjective thing so drop by and try it out yourself!

Here are 4 seating comfort options that you can choose from:

  • 35kg/cbm High Density Foam + Down & Feathers
  • 40kg/cbm High Resilience Foam
  • 40kg/cbm High Resilient Foam + Latex + Down & Feathers (premium)
  • 45kg/cbm  High Resilient Foam 


Still unsure whether you want a fabric or leather sofa? We have BOTH.

  • Fabric

Good news for you busy bees, our fabrics do not require much maintenance. We recommend you to wash the covers yearly. Yes, you have heard us right, YEARLY. For selected sofa designs, the whole cover can be removed for washing, even for the cover of the frame. YAY! We have a range of fabric choices but our most popular range is 100% polyester and polyester mixed linen.  Polyester fabric is easier to maintain, durable, and lasts longer in temperate climate.

  • Leather

The leather that we use is 100% full genuine leather at a competitive price point. In an environment like Singapore with high humidity, forget about getting synthetic leather; these will flake after several months.


Keane Love Seat

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Forget about choosing your sofa from that few colour choices that the furniture shop offers. We have an assorted range of colour swatches for you to choose from. From neutral hues to popping bright colours! If you wish to use your own fabric*, we can make that happen too.

As mentioned above, for ottoman and bench you can use the same fabric and colour as the sofa or you can even play mix-and-match and go colours wild.


Our sofa frames are made of solid American Birch Wood, it won’t fail you.  

Solid Teak Wood Furniture


We use solid teak wood for all our furniture. We can customise it to the colour of your choice, height and length to maximise your space.

Not good enough, you can even bring your own designs to us!

Here are some types of customisable furniture:

  • Table


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  • TV Console




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  • Cabinets


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  • Shelving



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  • Chair


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  • Bench


Meet Matteo ➜

We offer customisation for the shape of your table top whether you prefer round, square, rectangle or even other odd shapes*. 

All you have to do is to tell us your preferred design, height, width and wood colour from our wood samples at the pop-up store!

Cut the chase and let us turn your dream home into reality.

Not sure where to start?

Make an appointment and speak to our friendly furniture guru [email protected].