Spruce Up Your Coffee Table With These Simple Tips:

Your coffee table is usually your centre piece of your living area. It’s the statement piece of what your home represents. Here’s some tips on how to decorate your coffee table so that you can show off the personality that you want. 


Place your favourite book 

Putting one or two of your favourite books is a good way to show of your personality as well as to share with your guests your favourite read.  It could also be your current read or favourite read.  It’s a good conversation starter. 


Photo books

For newly married couple who want to share their wedding photos or for those who feel like they don’t want to flood your friends’ social media, with your envious holiday photos. A photobook on your coffee table is a good way to share with your guests and friends. For a more personal touch, feel free to make your own scrapbook. 



Nothing livens up the area more than flowers. The key is the vase. It should be proportionate and matched with your table. Go to the florist and mix and match whatever you like. Buy in stalks of three, because that’s the secret number to nature. Cut the stem slanted so that the flowers  would last longer.



For a more fuss-free approach, a nice indoor plant will do as well, or even just a Terrarium. Orchids are easy to maintain in our climate and does not require that much care. 



There is nothing wrong with leaving your coffee table empty. For those who opted for a Scandi-themed interior, know that minimalist ornamentation is true Nordic. Let your table speak for itself. In this case, pick a beautiful table, pick one with beautiful grains. Our Burea table is nature visible in the mixture of abstraction and natural shapes.