Pop Up your Interior with Accessories

For most people, the key pieces of furniture at home are long-term investments that determine the primary style of your home – it is not something that you change on a whim while following the latest colour and interior styling trends. That, however, does not mean you need to get bored with an unchanging interior till the next time you re-paint the walls or replace the sofas covers with a new colour.

Here’s a trick: play around with accessories. Small accessories can make a big difference – they can add a touch of individuality to a room, or pop up an interior to make it more exciting. Being relatively affordable, accessories have the flexibility to be moved around and replaced easily, to alter the look of a room in an instant.

Need some ideas? Introducing some of our all-time popular accessories:


Marble Home Ware

Carved from pure slabs of natural marble, the marble home ware collection comes in a series of trays, dishes and coasters. Simple and functional, any object placed on it is instilled with a new sense of sophistication.

Find them here: po.st/kqoMlR


ALJIR Teak Trays

If marble is not your cup of tea, why not try Teak instead? Made of aged natural teak, these trays have an earthy charm and complement well with the other timber furniture you have at home.

Find them here: po.st/WnnzRJ


RAKU Lamps

Created from salvaged pieces of raw Redwood, treated and given a second lease of life, these lamps are unique and bold – it goes well with the rest of our Live Edge solid wood furniture collection, or even on its own as an individual centerpiece.

Find them here: po.st/yY3p4Y


Marquee Lights

With an array of popular icons in a variety of bright colours, pick an icon that best showcases your personality, and let it shine. Literally.


MAMMALIA DIY Animal Ornaments

A series of ornaments that not only inject a sense of playfulness to the interior when mounted on the wall, but are also fun to construct. Choose between a horse, unicorn, elephant or stag to showcase your alter ego.

Find them here: po.st/DIvh01


Pana Objects Accessories

Crafted from natural maple and beech wood, these simple, clean and minimalist accessories are the perfect fit for your Scandinavian-styled home.

Find them here: po.st/txe2eT



A series of artisanal lamps created by the fusion of paper folding techniques and industrial production, the LUEUR lamps possess a fun and unique form that would stand out as a one-of-a-kind attraction.

Find them here: po.st/ajmaUv


Toonacan Beanbags

Nothing shouts ‘fun’ as much as a large beanbag sitting conspicuously in the middle of the room. Not only do they come in a series of many pretty pastel colours, this is one accessory that does not require fragile handling, or to be admired from afar. Plop on without worries (We know you want to).

Find them here: po.st/yI3Ihj


Email to [email protected] for accessories and product enquiries, or simply swing by our store at 3 Little Road level 2 s536982.

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