How to Customise Your Sofa with Us

If you are looking to find a sofa that aligns perfectly to the length of your living room’s wall partition without compromising the design, color and comfort level…why not try customizing your sofa with us today?

Over here at etch&bolts, our biggest pride is our sofa & every single piece of sofa is lovingly made to order. Use this opportunity to add some of your personal touch to your ideal sofa! Using quality materials such as solid birch wood frame, serpentine springs and foam fillings, you are definitely investing in a lasting key furniture at an affordable rate. Read more here to find out what makes a good quality sofa:

The process of customizing a sofa may appear daunting if you have no idea what to expect but today, I am going to share some great tips before you head down to our showroom! Customizing your sofa is going to be a breeze.

Lead time

But…how long does it take to customize a sofa; do I need to wait for several months?? No worries, we are glad to say that the production lead time of our sofa is about 2-4 weeks depending on the design picked. Though it takes a little longer sometimes due to our shipment’s timeline, the waiting time is relatively shorter than most places. With that said, even though the waiting time frame is relatively short, it is still better to start customizing your sofa as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


With the timeline set, it is time to look for the design that matches your interior and lifestyle. There is no time to waste! Pick a design first and we can work on the customization later.

Are you looking for a high back sofa, comfortable armrest or a sofa that optimizes every length for maximum capacity? There are plenty of sofa designs to choose from and to save you some time, here are some recommendations from us:

Length & Configuration

With customization, comes the opportunity to determine the length and configuration of your sofa. If you need a l-shaped sofa that is 205cm in length, we can convert most of our sofa design into a l-shaped sofa and adjust the length accordingly! If you need that extra chaise length for more seating area during your house gathering but want the layout to be flexible, we can customize a matching sofa and ottoman set in your desired dimensions!


Upholstery Options

Fabric, Microfiber, Leather Fabric, Synthetic Leather, Genuine Italian Leather…there are probably too much to choose from! How do you decide which upholstery suits your living space and your family’s lifestyle best? To prevent the dreadful long process of endless debates in your head and with your family, here is an overview of each material with their advantages and disadvantages to make the selection process a breeze:

  • Fabric: Soft and machine washable. Did you know that our fabric sofa has fully removable covers? If you enjoy the feeling of clean covers all year round, our machine-washable fabric options may be the perfect option for you. Available in a wide array of colors and texture, be spoiled for choice.
  • Microfiber: Stain and water resistance, this upholstery material is prefect for those with young kids and pets. There is less to worry about accidental spillage during uncontrolled playtime because the cleaning up process is as simple as wiping it off with a rag using water and detergent. A peace of mind and no need for a costly replacement. Although the material requires more vacuuming if you have a pet who is going through their seasonal sheds, a microfiber sofa will save you from the nightmare of a torn sofa after week 1.
  • Leather Fabric: Love the feeling and look of leather but do not want the cracking and peeling of the material over time? Try this unique fabric that looks exactly like leather but is durable enough for the annual machine wash for a thorough clean. What’s more? It is way more affordable than leather itself.
  • Genuine Italian Leather: Leather has always been a popular upholstery choice among many for centuries. The look of an upholstered leather piece is always grand and beautiful. Despite it being a natural material, a leather sofa can last you a long time with proper care but minimal maintenance. Just do not forget the conditioner from time to time.
  • Synthetic Leather (PU): A more durable alternative to real leather but at a fraction of the price. Synthetic leather may be a heat-trapper in Singapore’s humid condition but like microfiber, it is ideal for busy families and young children. If you enjoy the look of leather but do not have the time to care for it, why not go for the synthetic leather?

Comfort Level [Seating Cushions]

Is a family member of yours like the princess and the pea? Bring him or her to our showroom to try out the different comfort levels that we have. With 5 comfort levels to choose from in store, we are confident that we have something for them.

Or read on to determine which may be perfect for you first:

  • Standard [High Density Foam, Down & Feathers]: The softest option! If you prefer a sofa that you can sink into and get cozy quickly, go for the standard.
  • Firm [High Density Foam]: Fuss-free and sleek-looking. Without the fluffy down & feathers, you get a very neat looking seating cushion that retains its shape all year round. Go for firm if you prefer something softer, if not the firmest option with the higher density foam may be better for you.
  • Premium [Latex, High Resilient Foam, Down & Feathers]: If you are all about the back support, try the Premium comfort level whereby the latex and high resilient foam gives your butt the support while retaining the softness of a cushion with down & feathers. If you cannot imagine it, no worries, our sofas are waiting for you.


Comfort Level [Back Cushions]

That can be customized too? Yes! While the default filling for our back cushions is down & feathers, you can change it to cellucotton if you prefer something firmer. The down & feathers back cushions are soft, fluffy and oh-so-huggable. While on the other hand, the cellucotton fillings help to keep your cushions in shape all year round without the frequent fluffing.


Number of Seating and Back Cushions

Bet you did not know that you can determine the number of cushions too. A sofa with a single piece of seating cushion looks different from one with multiple seating cushions.

Tip: If you go for the standard and premium comfort level, try going for more pieces of seating cushions as it is a lot easier when it comes to fluffing them and they look better with down & feathers filling.



Did you know that you can switch around the legs of our sofa? If you prefer a higher leg height for your robot cleaner to access but the sofa design that you are looking at does not have it, just let us know and we can change the legs to another design!

Solid Ash Wood

The legs and frame of our wooden sofa are usually made of solid Ash wood which is a strong and durable hardwood. It has a nice light tone which is perfect for most Scandinavian-inspired interior but if you want to go darker, the wood can be stained to 3 darker shades (including black!).


So, how do you customize a sofa with us?

Check Time Frame for Delivery > Pick A Design > Determine the Length and Configuration > Upholstery Option & Colour > Comfort Level > Number of Cushions > Legs > Add a Ottoman or Throw Pillows

Now that you are equipped with the information on our customization options, the next time you drop by our showroom to custom your sofa…surprise our sales personnel with your knowledge! Don’t let them know that I shared this with you 😉


Email to [email protected] for furniture or home styling enquiries, or simply swing by our store at 3 Little Road level 2 s536982.

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