Caring for your Microfiber Fabric Sofa

Microfiber fabrics have been gaining popularity in years as a choice material for sofas due to their relative stain resistance and durability. A synthetic fabric woven from a blend of fine synthetic fibers, their comfort, water repellency and durability properties differ based on the type of fibers used.

If you are considering hopping onto the microfiber trend, here are some facts to help you decide whether microfiber fabric is for you: 

1) Generally Fuss-Free Maintenance

Vacuum regularly, using the soft brush attachment to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. You may also choose to use a clean, dry brush with soft bristles to gently brush dirt off the surface.

2) Relatively Stain-Resistant

Having a bunch of mischievous kids at home makes one think twice about the types of upholstery to have on your sofa. Fret not! Microfiber is friendly for kids, as well as the occasional spills made yourself (we know accidents happen). Liquid and water droplets will tend to bead up upon contact with the fabric – just wipe it away at the soonest possible time to prevent it from setting in.


3) When Deep Stains Do Appear

Of course, despite its hardiness, microfiber fabrics are not foolproof. In the event of stains, spray with a soap solution and dab the affected spot with a clean rag. Repeat a few times till the spot is removed. When the sofa is dry, take a clean, soft bristle brush and gently rub the sofa in a circular motion to make the fibers soft again.

4) Say No to Wrinkles

Highly durable and tough, microfiber fabrics resist daily wear-and-tear, and wrinkling fairly well. This is great news for people who are disturbed by the occasional crease that forms after you get up from the sofa on some other materials.


5) Suitable for Machine Wash

Don’t be afraid to wash your microfiber fabric covers – they are safe for machine wash. Turn them inside out, and wash them on gentle settings with cold water and detergent.


6) Be Careful with Heat

Microfiber is relatively more sensitive to heat compared to other fabrics. Avoid machine-drying it and instead, let it air dry naturally. If absolutely necessary, dry the fabric under low heat. Subjecting it to high temperatures will tend to fry the material, making it stiff and hard.


7) Stay Away from Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners can clog the pores of microfiber, making the the fabric less likely to resist stains and spills with each wash.

8) Comfort and Feel

Soft and furry to the touch, these synthetic textiles bring a sense of cosiness to your home. Nevertheless, some people might find it a little warm, especially in Singapore’s climate.

Ultimately, as such preferences are subjective, why not pop by our showroom to have a feel for yourself and decide if you like it! Our new swatches are available in-store, and come in a wide range of colours for your selection.

Also, as the care and maintenance varies across the different types of microfibers, the tips above are applicable to the microfiber options we provide. To be safe, always refer back to the care instructions on your textile pieces.


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