Memory Foam Mattress - Soft

Brand: etch&bolts

Crafted for a senstive sleeper, the memory foam mattress adjusts itself to the sleeper’s body heat and body weight to allow for a good night sleep with minimal disturbance. 

Important Information:

- Installation & free assembly.
Delivers in 2 to 4 weeks. (Why?)


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Product Details
Dimensions Queen Size: L190cm x D150cm x H20cm, King Size: L190cm x D180cm x H20cm
Material Mermory Foam
SKU AM00-MT-01
Care Instructions
Handling To keep mattress the cleanest, use a dust and water-resistant mattress cover at all times. Every 2-3 weeks or more, strip and wash all bedding and covers. Using a vacuum hose attachment, vacuum the surface of mattress to pick up dust and dirt.
Buyer's Assurance
Warranty Warranted against defects and wear under normal condition for 2 years.